Dr. Paul G. Trulin, TH.D. (1917–1997)

For decades, Dr. Paul G. Trulin steadily poured forth the revelation of the indwelling Christ and His Resurrection life, as administered by the work of the Holy Spirit in and through the believer. Dr. Trulin’s teaching spanned the world reaching hungry hearts in more than fifty different nations to give birth to renewal and restoration, life in the Spirit and a deeper understanding and insight into the Christ Life message.

He had forty years of pastoral experience in five pastorates on the West Coast and some twenty years of experience teaching on the foreign field in crusades and conferences as well as with many great sessions and Schools of Ministry for World Evangelism.

Dr. Trulin’s spiritual message is one of great depth brought about by thousands of hours of study of the Scriptures, thousands of hours of prayer, teaching and four decades of practical application and experience. He was an exceptional teacher of God’s Word and communicated a clear and concise understanding of the Holy Spirit’s working in the life of the believer in a very practical and effective way.

Dr. Trulin authored five best-selling books. He went to his reward in 1997.

Moriah Publications Inc. is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Dr. Trulin’s works (writings) and sole proprietor of his intellectual property.

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