Dr. Alexander (Alex) W. Ness, TH.D., D.D. (1921–1996)

Dr. Alex W. Ness was a well-known Bible teach­er, lecturer and author who grew up in the Canadian prairies. Dr. Ness personally taught thousands of Pastors and Christian workers in Ministers’ In­stitutes in over 100 coun­tries, as well as planted countless churches around the world. Most importantly, however, it is on the mission field that this wonderful man of God made his mark – evangelizing massive crowds mainly in South America, Africa and Asia.

Dr. Alexander William Ness was a man with a multi-faceted ministry. As missionary-statesman, he traveled the world extensively and preached to many audiences in excess of millions. He pioneered religious television in Canada.

His writings are focused, well-balanced, compelling and always scriptural. Dr. Ness authored eleven best-selling books. He went to his rewards in 1996.

Moriah Publications Inc. is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Dr. Ness’ works (writings) and sole proprietor of his intellectual property.

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