Dr. Charles S. Price (1887 – 1947)

Dr. Price was known for his simple preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom. He was known for his analogies which bring to light the understanding of God’s Word with clarity, as revealed by the Holy Spirit. Thousands have been transformed through the faithfulness of Dr. Price.

Dr. Price believed that faith is a living thing that can only come from God. He cautioned against any teaching which tries to manipulate the mind into “believing.”  For him, it is with the heart that man believes unto righteousness. Heart belief opens the door of communication between us and the Lord and a divinely imparted faith becomes possible.

Dr. Price was also prolific writer. He wrote twenty-one books. He used radio extensively and often preached from Los Angeles, California when he was not on the road. He also taught at the Southern California Bible College and was often asked to fill in for pastors in the Los Angeles area. In 1945 he felt that the Lord was calling him to spend time at home. The next two years were focused on writing, preaching locally, and in rest and prayer. He died March 8, 1947.

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