Dr. Charles E. Blair, TH.D. (1920–2009)

Dr. Charles E. Blair was the founder of Calvary Temple, in Denver Colorado. In addition to building one of the city’s first megachurches, up from a congregation of only 58 parishioners, Dr. Blair also pioneered radio and television evangelism in Denver. He is remembered for his estimable skills as a preacher as well as his sense of humor and his kindness.

In the later part of his life, Dr. Blair devoted much time to the building of churches in an extremely undeveloped area of Ethiopia. In 2003, he launched the Ethiopian Call, a church-planting effort in Ethiopia’s western Benishangul-Gumuz district near the Sudan border. To date, the missions outreach has helped build some 1,350 churches, where more than 64,000 adults worship each Sunday.

Dr. Charles E. Blair remained a much-beloved preacher throughout his life, which was not without enormous challenges. He authored a large number of books and booklets. He went to his reward in 2009.

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